Month: April 2020

Day 12: Shoulder-Pendulum Swing

Today we introduce a mobilization for the shoulder. This one doesn’t seem to impressive. Most of us will look at this and think…”What?” Many of us that work at a desk all day don’t realize how little we move our shoulders throughout the day. I know when I’m on a roll at the laptop mine … Read more

Day 11: Pec-Stretch

Today we introduce another stretch. This can be an important stretch when we talk about bringing our working posture back to normal as it relates to the shoulders. As the day goes on we typically start to round our shoulders forward as well as the upper part of the thoracic spine. It’s easy for this … Read more

Day 10: Neck-Exercise Lateral Flexion

Yesterday we added a new stretch to the neck that helped us loosen the tissues from the neck and down to the shoulders. Today we introduce a neck exercise to help reinforce the new stretch. It may sound a little counter-intuitive, but usually the best advice for these sore and inflamed muscles is to activate … Read more

Day 9: Neck-Stretch Lateral Flexion

Today we introduce another neck stretch. This stretch will help us loosen the tissues from the skull down to the shoulder. Why the big words today? What is lateral flexion? For one, “bending the head to the side and holding it for a while” doesn’t make for a good title, and two, learning new terminology … Read more

Day 8: Neck-Exercise

Hopefully by now you’re starting to feel better and you’re adapting to your new work environment. If not, don’t give up. Stay dedicated and do these suggested self-care strategies daily. It takes time to adapt and to add a new routine to your day. We all know how difficult it can be to break a … Read more

Day 7: Neck Massage

Hopefully you have started to get some relief as we build on these self-treatments for your neck/upper back and shoulder discomfort or tension. Today we move on to something that hopefully feels good versus our normal digging into and pushing into painful spots. Flat-hand massage is one of the simplest moves we can do to … Read more

Day 6: Upper Back/Shoulder Triggerpoints

We are going to continue exploring treatments for the neck. Last time we used the thumbs and fingers to push into those spots of discomfort or tension along the head and neck. For this module, we are going to work our way down to the base of the neck, upper back and out to the … Read more

Day 5: Neck Triggerpoints

Today we continue exploring treatments for the neck. Yesterday we used the thumbs and fingers to rub out any specific lines of discomfort or tension from the head and down to the shoulder or upper back. Most of the hard, rope-like muscle tightness in the neck responds really well to this type of treatment. Some … Read more

Day 4: Neck- Muscle Stripping

We are going to change the tempo a little for day 3. So far we have been working on stretches and some exercises to help our necks start working and moving a little better. It’s time time to add some self treatment to the mix. We are going to start with something simple and probably … Read more

Day 3: Neck- Stretch/Exercise

Yes, I’m still here too. I’m not sure which day of the week it is anymore and maybe you’re not either. One thing is for sure though, I need a reminder to make me get up, move and to keep myself active during all of this. It is important that we try to keep moving … Read more