Optimizing employee health – Improving your bottom line

The only all-in-one health assurance, first aid, and mobility health solution for onsite and remote employees:

Create a safe workplace – industry-specific best practices for infectious disease control and prevention 

Avoid costly doctor’s visits – registered nurses assess and treat minor injuries and manage the continuum of care assuring the best outcome

Prevent  & resolve chronic pain – patented computer-aided injury risk assessment and the same treatment system used
by professional athletes

Why Health Assurance is Critical to Employers


Employee Safety

41% of employees are afraid to return to work due to COVID-19.

Affordably implement hospital-grade infectious disease prevention/control protocols and equipment.



The Institute of Medicine estimates the annual cost of lost productivity due to pain is over $297 billion.

Reduce costs to your company through best-in-class technology-enabled solutions that simply (effectively) address your employees’ issues.


Healthcare Cost

35% of ambulatory visits are for pain-related issues and cost $190 billion annually. 

Resolve issues without the need for surgery, medication or physical therapy saving you and your employees time and money.



A Gallop Poll revealed that 70% of U.S. workers are not engaged at work.

Our solutions show employees that you care and that good will is converted into performance.



The average cost to (re)hire is $4,129 and takes an average of 42 days.

Build loyalty, save time and money by taking care of your employees health and wellness.



The CDC reports that 370 million lost days from work annually are due to pain and MSDs.

Recapture up to 2.3 lost works days per employee by resolving issues without a doctor's visit.

Workplace Settings



remote worker 2

Remote and At-Home



The CDC highlights the workplace as a significant factor and venue in the spread of infectious diseases.

Employees working from home have an increased risk of poor posture and ergonomics resulting in injuries and chronic pain issues.

OSHA estimates over 600,000 workplace injuries, 34% of lost workdays, and $20 billion in workers' compensation annually due to pain.

A lot to love. A little to spend.

The Most Complete And Effective Workplace Health Assurance Solution

Our solutions have been designed to work together or independently with fully integrated technology that results in healthier employees and actionable information employers can use.

Onsite Solutions

Infectious Disease icon

Infectious Disease Control

Industry best program to assure worker safety against infectious diseases.

- Implement best practices
- Disease prevention education
- Accurate employee temperature monitoring
- Symptom triage and safe-to-work protocols
- Telehealth consultations 
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First aid icon

First Aid & 
Case Management

Onsite Registered Nurse to assess, treat, and manage the continuity of care for minor health issues.

Onsite registered nurses are the most affordable and effective way to assess and treat workplace injuries and illnesses.

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Functionally Optimized Massage

Evidence-based and technology enabled hands on treatment system since 1991.

Customized, non-invasive, treatments tailored to resolve your employees’ source of pain.

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CAMA icon2

Computer-Aided Mobility Assessment

Patented mobility health and posture analysis performed by medical professionals.

Predict injuries before they happen, or worsen, with 3D mobility and posture analysis used by professional athletes.

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Online Solutions

telehealth icon

TeleHealth Virtual Clinic

Online visit to resolve pain, avoid surgeries and other costly onsite care.

Convenient elite care from the same providers professional athletes and the military trust for pain and mobility issues.

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BMSA icon2


Convenient online mobility health assessment.

An essential and effective employer tool for identifying and assessing workplace and employee risks through proprietary algorithms.

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STS icon

Self-Treatment System

Cutting-edge technological innovation in self-diagnosis and treatment.

Our proprietary, intuitive diagnostic tool creates customized treatment plans for over 150 MSD injuries.

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